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I have been a Green Industry Professional and self described ' Plant Geek ' for more than 35 years and have been an owner of my own business for 32 of those years.
I currently am a New Hampshire Certified Landscape Professional and have been involved in the program for 20 years.
Beyond designing gardens and working on landscapes I also have experience in greenhouse growing of annuals and vegetables, wholesale production of perennials and was a farmer and grower of cultivated blueberries for 15 years.
My journey with plants brought me to New Hampshire more than 33 years ago.  Since then, I have touched many landscapes, planted trees that I have seen mature and worked with many wonderful clients to help bring nature and beauty into view.  Plants and Gardens are my passion please call me and let me help you bring the wonders of the natural world into view.
Garden Design, Installation and 
Whether it be a landscape design for a new house or a renovation and a design for an older landscape, a perennial border or a container garden, I can design a well thought out solution for whatever the need may be.
Once we have a plan, I can along with my team of industry professionals, implement the design from start to finish.
Are you interested in installing your own plants ?  I can consult with you and give you detailed instruction of what you need to know to install your own DIY  landscape.

Are you looking for someone to take care of your garden or landscape that can maximize the beauty and potential that your property contains ?  Create a design to enhance your outdoor living space ? Or to Consult with you on how to get started on your own Do it Yourself Project ?


Fine Gardening and 
Seasonal Flowers :
I will work personally  with each individual client whether it be a residential or commercial client and design a garden/ landscape  maintenance program specific to each site.
I offer tailored programs from a few visits a year to weekly visits that are designed to  keep gardens and landscapes looking polished and well cared for .
Seasonal flowers are an essential addition to garden beds to add color, texture and interest through the growing season.  I will install and maintain these plants with an artistic  eye that will enhance existing woody and herbaceous plant material. 

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